Health and Safety  

We follow an updated policy for children protection:

 First Aid

 Daily awareness

 Health instructions

 A variety of Nutritious Meals are served daily. We make every effort to offer natural and fresh food rather than snacks or meals with high sugar content or artificial additives. ( Kg1 & Kg2 )

 The doctor is available during the school day for health related situations.

  Trips & Visits  

 Field Tripsand special visits are scheduled to increase your child's awareness of his our her world.


 Smart Boards are used in all of our classrooms.

 LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ( LMS ) : The primary educational channel between the school administration, staff and students. All details are shared; assignments , scores , evaluation reports and resources.


  Large Group Circle Time, daily small group interactions and one-on-one time provide children with an opportunity to develop linguistic skills, social concepts and creative expression. In all settings, as children share, they develop cognitively, linguistically and socially, engaging in communication vital to future personal and academic situations.