Our school provides a developmentally age-appropriate education for children in a loving, caring environment. We strive to find the balance between rigor and fun while educating. Because each child is unique, we get to know them well while they learn and explore the world around them.

  Age (on the first of October)  

KG1: 3.5 years old

KG2: 4.5 years old

Yr.1: 5.5 years old

Yr.2: 6.5 years old

Yr.3: 7.5 years old

Yr.4: 8.5 years old

Yr.5: 9.5 years old

Please call for class availability prior to visiting school. Many of our classes are already full.

 School Admission Policy  

Students Applying to KG 1

Students Applying to KG 2

Note : if students don’t pass, they should pass a resit after one month or else they will be refused and can apply to the National school.

Students Applying to Year 1

Students Applying to Year 2

Students Applying to Year 3

Students Applying to Year 4